At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
At you can Buy webshells, phpmailer, Combo list
The Emerging Global Artist Community | Kaarigari Foundation


A Non Profit Global Community for Artist.

Center to support the Artists, Art and Craft globally.

About us

Kaarigari Foundation is the home for ArTiecture – Art, and Architecture for artists and architects!

This non-profit initiative is fuelled by the motive – every artist is able to showcase their work. India is a land of artists and art forms. A lot of artwork is unrecognized and talent does not get its due recognition. is a platform where artists not only showcase their work in the market but meet the right buyers from the world of architecture. Architects are the masterminds of spaces we thrive in and they are the potential buyers of art backed by art curators and interior designers.

The core purpose of Kaarigari Foundation is to act as a bridge between artists and direct buyers through  its art curators.

The work is put up for commercial, public, or residential spaces by striking deals with the right buyers. Space designers in any capacity get to choose artists from the Kaarigari artist database. You too can be a Kaarigar of a kind by being a part of this mission.


Kaarigari Foundation’s vision is to enlighten the world with all available art forms and artists.

Mission: Kaarigari Foundation works with a mission that every artist should get its due respect and recognition. Focuses is to showcase the artwork without any bias or middlemen’s involvement in the world.
With in-house art curators, mentors, and architects mission is to bridge the gap between artists and buyers and give the due credit to the artists.

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